Incognito Tattoo has become MR. INCOGNITO a private by appointment only studio in the Los Feliz village neighborhood of Los Angeles. After calling Pasadena home for over 18 years Jason felt it was time for a change of venues and a change in focus.

MR. INCOGNITO  is a very private, quiet studio to get tattooed. Located in a small 1920’s  historic building it embodies everything we are trying to achieve with the new MR INCOGNITO.  Jason felt it was time to create a private space where he could really focus on creating great work  in a more focused environs. This is a shop to get really quality tattooing in a very relaxing intimate environment.

MR. INCOGNITO is now a one man show Jason Schroder is the only artist. We have great cast of guest artist that make regular trips to the shop.

If you are looking to contact the shop the best approach is to email Jason through the website, with his hectic travel schedule phone calls tend to fall through the cracks.

Thanks for all the support

Clean gentle service since 1993