This is a SMALL RUN with new dead stock Dennis Dwyer coils from the late 80s early 90s. This machine is your new daily driver. It will push tight 3s to a loose 11 across a knee cap without blowing out. 



The Johnny Walker frame also known as the "supreme" has always been my favorite frame style for decades.  This is my variation on a classic, with a slightly taller frame, really excellent American Steel. Milled by the legendary Dirk VanVorst in Indiana. 


If you follow my work from the last few years you will know that I focus mainly on line based tattoos. With this batch of machines I will be covering all the bases for all types of line work. 


This machine runs really slow and hits pretty hard. It is setup for larger needle groupings, Your hollow 6-10s andlarger loose round groupings. This is also great for packing in large areas of solid black.